City of Angels launches August 1st 10:00am PST

Dark Pinup City of Angels Releases August 1st

Dark Pinup, the professional photography collection by Lars Kommienezuspadt, steps out of the darkness and into a new release with the launch of City of Angels on August 1st. Experience a brand new set of authentic pinup with never before seen models all set to the backdrop of Los Angeles. Familiar rarities return along with a new framed variant that we are sure will please our most die hard fans. City of Angels is a return to what makes Dark Pinup great, with a new approach tailored to our community. 

What is Dark Pinup?

Dark Pinup is a unique digital collectible card series with an unfamiliar dialectic style that is unlike any other collection on WAX. Act One was released in May of 2021 and consisted of 44 portrait style NFTs across eight unique and stunning variants. Act two, Noir, and Viva followed Act One to create a collection that has now spanned over two years. The Dark Pinup set is focused on scarcity and presenting the photographing in compelling and interesting ways and City of Angels is no different.

What Makes CoA Unique?

Similar to other releases of Dark Pinup, this set will mimic the feeling that opening a pack of Dark Pinup Act One provided. This means multiple variants with similar odds, rare variants on par with Act One Candlelights, a price point everyone is comfortable with, and the highest quality pinup photography on the chain. The effects are new, the art is new, but the feeling is the same.

What Comes In a Pack?

City of Angels has only one type of pack – A Full Pack. Full Packs contain 22 NFT’s, the same number of base cards in the CoA set. This means every pack of CoA gives you the opportunity to get every single model in the set. This approach allows everyone to experience as much of the set as possible for a low cost. 

Full Packs will retail for $6.66 and a total of 500 packs will be sold to the community, with 640 total being produced. This means CoA will be one of the rarest Dark Pinup sets ever created, while also being the most affordable. 




Antique Frames

Candlelight Frames

Physical Noir Redemptions


CoA will include familiar rarities as well as two new ones based on Frames. While every card is available in the Antique rarity, not every card is available in the Candlelight rarity. 

Physical Noir redemptions are also available which will be redeemable for a signed and sleeved Dark Pinup Noir card. We will be providing these redemptions in most of our sets going forward, providing a way to eventually receive a single or even a complete Noir physical set, if you are a diehard collector.

When and where can we get it?

The set will release in exactly two weeks on Tuesday, July 25th at 10am PST. The set will release on Neftyblocks, with a link to the sale being posted on and Stay tuned for updates to both of those sites in the coming week with a link to the sales page.

Are There Completion Rewards?

Anyone who collects the entire set, besides a Physical Noir Redemption card, will be eligible to receive an unannounced NFT from the CoA set. No crafting recipes will be included in this release in an attempt to make the set easier to collect for the majority of our fans.

Card Names:

  1. Honey
  2. Library
  3. Demon
  4. Bask
  5. Peasant
  6. Glamour 
  7. Longing
  8. Pergola
  9. Hills
  10. Sinister
  11. Drama
  12. Lucid
  13. Northbound
  14. Blossom
  15. Rebel
  16. Pasadena
  17. Stretch
  18. Hardwood
  19. Culver
  20. Glint
  21. Caged
  22. Domme
  23. Vintage

Can We See The Set?

The entire set is available for viewing on AtomicHub. Share your favorites in our Discord and try to guess which ones will be fan favorites!

What is Next?

After CoA releases we will begin working on the next Dark Pinup experience; More sets in a similar style to CoA will be coming in 2023. But, before releasing a new Dark Pinup set we will first be finishing up our in house project, Neverwel. Look for more information on that release soon. Thank you for your continued support of Dark Pinup and the Mirrorpool team. Building during this bear market has been very slow for us and we appreciate everyone’s patience as we find our way through. We look forward to creating more memories and experiences for our fans.

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