Fall Update

Hey Mirrorpool family! Fall is here and the team is settling in for a productive end to the year. We are working on four different projects collectively. That is a lot for us. This Blog will focus on recent developments with Dark Pinup and Neverwel – let’s dive in!


Discord Event – Running Now

There is a new event in Discord running through the end of October. A couple lucky randomly picked winners will receive a Strange and Unusual NFT pack for being a verified Honeycomb user. This is a small step towards increasing the marketing and promotion of sets now under the Mirrorpool umbrella.

Dark Pinup

The Noir packs and Special Memento signed books have (finally) been shipped. Please allow some time for them to make their way to your mailbox. Hop into the discord and post some pictures for all to enjoy when they arrive – if you plan to open them.

Dark Pinup Viva ended a few weeks ago and we are planning the next event leading up to Act 3. Our goal is to bring new users into our community, so we will be doing a promotion to increase the users in our Mirrorpool Discord next month.

We are also planning for our next set release, City of Angels, which will focus on Los Angeles and feature new variants, new physical redemptions, and of course new models. The size of this set will be similar to Viva, with more special variants and redemptions than our mini sets have had previously. The intent is to give our community a fully featured set that has scarcity as well as all the polish you expect from Dark Pinup. City of Angels work has already begun and our Discord is filled to the brim with behind the scenes photos, so go take a look. This set will include additional NFT redemptions for other projects such as the upcoming Neverwel and for Strange and Unusual.


Beyond City of Angels we are working towards the eventual Act 3 release. To prepare our community for Act 3 and City of Angels we will soon offer a reduced price on Act 2 packs. We would like as much of the Act 2 supply to reach collectors hands before we turn off the sale forever. We are exploring having set redemption rewards for Act 2 and for Viva and we will wait to explore those until the Act 2 sale has come to a halt. We have not determined if the excess supply should be burned or used as giveaways; hop into our Discord and let us know what you think.


In some exciting news, the physical cards originally intended as Noir packs have been reexamined and it was discovered that they look really nice inside of a Ultra Pro Top Loader. So, we are exploring ways to use these physical Noir cards as redemptions in City of Angels and beyond – becoming an ultra rare set of 44 cards that can only be collected over time by purchasing Dark Pinup NFT packs.

The leaderboard will also be making a return after City of Angels, but not until we have new rewards to go along with it. The current plan is to take a monthly snapshot and reward collectors for the growth of their score and set.

In 2023, the Dark Pinup team would like to focus on more social features for Dark Pinup in addition to more sets. As tooling improves we have gained access to more ways to enhance the collector experience that we would like to leverage. This will include carving out a social section for Dark Pinup on the Mirrorpool website.


Onfall, the cornerstone NFT set is close to being art complete. The set is around 30 NFT, which is much larger than we anticipated for a preview pack. We expect Onfall to release in 2022, pending any unforeseen delays. We are currently working on the animation portion of the set as well as the quests and lore. A full breakdown of the Onfall release will be coming soon.

The first version of the play Neverwel site is live internally. A preview of it can be seen below. This site will be a portal into Neverwel and includes an interactive map and WAX Cloud Wallet login system. This map will allow you to navigate to various quests that will be available with the release of Onfall. The play Neverwel site will expand over time to become the social profile page for players.

The Campfire page for Neverwel has also been completed and will be unveiled soon. This tool includes all the information on the mechanics and world of Neverwel in an easy to navigate wiki. Campfire and the Play Neverwel site work hand in hand to provide the foundation for one’s journey through Neverwel. Information on lore, quests, items, characters, story arcs, and more can be found on the Campfire pages.

The Neverwel Discord Experience is also readying for a beta release. We will open up the beta to verified discord uses who hold a Neverwel NFT in the coming weeks. This beta will test the battle and NFT mechanics before releasing Onfall to the masses. There will be a unique reward for participating in this beta. 



Thank you

Thank you to our fans who are sticking with our small team during this bear market. Our goal is to have fun and make cool things here in Web3, which is only possible with your support. 


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