Artist Led

Led by a team of artists and creatives that put delivering fun and quality to the community before anything else.


We believe in the fair and equitable treatment of artists, creatives, and communities. Our products are created to be enjoyed by as many people as possible and are sold at a fair price and created by a company that gives royalties to artists.


The team behind Mirrorpool has created content for large projects on the WAX and Ethereum blockchain including GPK, Godzilla, Dark Pinup, The Strange and Unusual, as well as dozens of comic and zine publications.

Latest News

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays Mirrorpool collectors! The team wanted to give an update on a few things before we went off to spend time with family and friends. The past year was a crazy one for life and especially for our cryptocurrency communities. Despite the hectic natur...

Fall Update

Hey Mirrorpool family! Fall is here and the team is settling in for a productive end to the year. We are working on four different projects collectively. That is a lot for us. This Blog will focus on recent developments with Dark Pinup and Neverwel – let...