Are NFTs ‘bad’?

While all NFTs do use electricity to be produced, the amount that is consumed on the WAX blockchain is 125,000 times less than Ethereum. In fact, WAX is carbon neutral. WAX NFTs have offset almost 4 million tons of carbon emissions by not being minted on the Ethereum blockchain. As technology improves, WAX will continue to use less energy and find ways to use renewable sources for the energy it does consume.

Can I Contact or Partner With MP?

Yes! Visit Contact Us on the header or footer menu for more information.

How Do I Start on WAX?

Wax Cloud Wallet: Wax Cloud Wallet (“WCW”) is an easy to use way to store and manage your NFTs on the WAX blockchain. When users sign up or sign in to WAX Cloud Wallet, a WAX blockchain account is automatically created associated with your email address. Secure your wallet with 2FA for the most user friendly and safe custodial wallet in blockchain.

You can transfer your WAX packs and cards to someone else by visiting your WAX Cloud Wallet NFT inventory and clicking on the transfer icon on the top of the NFT. Then enter the wallet name of the community member that you wish to trade with and click Send.

What are NFTs?

NFT stands for Non Fungible Token and is a way of creating unique digital collectible assets.

What does Mirrorpool do?

Mirrorpool produces collections of NFTs, currently on WAX blockchain due to its ease of use and inexpensive nature.

What is WAX?

WAX is a blockchain designed for collectibles like The Strange and Unusual and Dark Pinup. They describe their mission as bringing NFTs to the mass market in the “safest, most secure, environmentally friendly, and easy-to-use marketplace in the world.” WAX does not use nearly the amount of electricity to operate and does not cost the user fees to conduct transactions, which is common on other top chains. By collecting NFTs on WAX, you support an environmentally safe solution to collecting digitally scarce goods.

What Projects Does MP Run?

Mirrorpool currently runs Dark Pinup and is partnered with The Strange and Unusual. Soon, Neverwel will join the Mirrorpool family as well.

Who is Mirrorpool

Mirrorpool is an art first collective. We are a leaderless co-op with a mandate to equitably reward artists for their contributions in blockchain-based and NFT economies.