Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays Mirrorpool collectors! The team wanted to give an update on a few things before we went off to spend time with family and friends. The past year was a crazy one for life and especially for our cryptocurrency communities. Despite the hectic nature of 2022, Mirrorpool was able to produce multiple Dark Pinup sets as well as get Neverwel to an almost ready to ship state. Lets jump in to some of the recent happenings and where our projects currently stand.


City of Angels

The Mirrorpool team wants to show its appreciation to all the fans and so we created a unique Holiday Card – Burnt Out. This card was airdropped to all Honeycomb verified wallets within Discord and will not be available in the future. We will close the max mint on this card when the new year begins.

Dark Pinup will be back in the new year with a set focused on exploring Los Angeles, City of Angels. This will be a set of only 44 cards between two variants with scarcity and a special twist. Every pack of CoA will be 22 cards, meaning you have the potential to get an entire base set in a single pack. This release will be affordable and limited to only a couple thousand packs. CoA will also have a unique set of challenges that bring a different life to collecting Dark Pinup. We are excited to bring what is the start of many more sets throughout the 2023 year that will be smaller, focused, and affordable while retaining the same quality and scarcity you expect from a Dark Pinup release. More info of CoA will be coming shortly after the new year.

In related news, the City of Angels Pagan card was airdropped to participants of the Dark Pinup Discord contest. Under 60 Pagan cards currently exist, so grab one off the market if you were not lucky enough to win one in the giveaway.



Neverwel’s design has been completed for a while now as we perfect the art for the initial look into our new world. We thought it might be time to peel back the curtain and expose everyone to our design documents. Instead of repeating what is found on our Campfire site, we ask anyone interested to do some holiday reading on what we have planned for Neverwel. Details on the specific Onfall pack, as well as items and character lore are missing from this first batch. We will continue to expand what we show as we creep closer to a hopeful launch in Q1 of 2023. Here is a link to the public Campfire Writing encyclopedia page for Neverwel – expect more pages to be shared shortly after the new year.


Looking into 2023


The Mirrorpool team is dedicated to finding a steady pack schedule that will create consistent content for our fans. That means a focus on smaller and possibly more frequent releases in 2023 that continue to add value to our customers. Next year will also see the release of Neverwel and the start of our storytelling journey in that universe. More marketing and community building will come before both the CoA and Neverwel releases, but the large goal for 2023 is to nurture the community we have and let it organically grow as we offer more content for our fans to digest.

Thank you for following us so far, and enjoy a safe and fruitful holiday.


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