Artist Led

Led by a team of artists and creatives that put delivering fun and quality to the community before anything else.


We believe in the fair and equitable treatment of artists, creatives, and communities. Our products are created to be enjoyed by as many people as possible and are sold at a fair price and created by a company that gives royalties to artists.


The team behind Mirrorpool has created content for large projects on the WAX and Ethereum blockchain including GPK, Godzilla, Dark Pinup, The Strange and Unusual, as well as dozens of comic and zine publications.

Latest News

Viva has Ended!

  The Dark Pinup community has indulged in the Viva Event for over a month, with more than 60 fans getting to experience this limited time opportunity. But as with all good things, it is time for Viva to turn off the lights. Today, September 8th at 10ap P...

Onfall is coming

Neverwel Summertime in Neverwel – a land of harsh temperatures and ever present danger. Its people are a hardy lot who work together in order to survive. They have eked out a living in this unrelenting land, building strong bonds and new ways to overcome...

Viva Event Update Blog 8/20

Dark Pinup The Viva Event has been running for a full month and the results are beyond impressive. 47 fans have participated and almost half have earned themselves a Viva pack so far. Remember that every 100 points earned on the leaderboard will net you one Vi...