Immutable Realms EOS zine!

Immutable Realms

Mirrorpool will be producing art, illustration and animation for Immutable Realms, the EOS arts and culture zine recently funded via the Pomelo crowdfunding platform thanks to generous donations by the EOS community and a grant from the EOS Network Foundation. Lars Kommienezuspadt, Adam Mathison-Sward and Eduardo Garay will be leading a series of pinup and sequential art pieces that will accompany columns, editorials and fiction that hope to tell the complicated history of EOS from its original ICO through the many iterations that have brought the chain and community to where it is today.

Art In Blockchain

How often do we see high quality, professional art in this space if it isn’t being minted as an NFT? One of the unfortunate asides of the NFT boom is the intrinsic relationship between art and money. Profit is important, of course, but there is another fundamental purpose. Story telling! To us, this is paramount. White papers are effective with a specific kind of audience; those who are already here. Adoption is a word that’s often used in blockchain, but how do you reach people with little to no Web3 experience? Art is where we’re placing our bets.


EOS is the first chain that’s been willing to put a legitimate sponsorship behind a visual marketing campaign of this nature. The proposal was made in 2017 on STEEM with the same artists that are now working on Immutable Realms. It didn’t receive funding and the project died on the vine […to the detriment of the chain as NFT’s would soon thereafter become a phenomenon we now know them to be]. Comics like the ones we’ll be producing for Immutable Realms were effectively used to define EOS Detroit amongst a sea of block producers.


Immutable Realms will be available in two smaller 16 page volumes. Vol. I will be released shortly before the start of Pomelo season 3 begins at the end of July, and Vol. II will be released a few weeks after in mid to late August. The zine will be available for free digitally and in physical editions in various blockchain-centric cities around the world. The publication with offer an introspective look EOS, the community, the past and future of the chain and the challenges we continue to face as humans pursuing the hope of equitability and peaceful consensus.

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